A heady scent made of mandarin, jasmine and amber.

By perfumer Jean-Christophe Hérault

Description :

Formulated exclusively with plant-based ingredients, the scented candles of Officine Universelle Buly are paraffin-free and free of mineral derivatives from petrochemicals. Their soft wax is natural, made from rice, soya and copra; their wick is made from pure cotton and allows for even burning. Without any harmfulness, the vegetable quality of the waxes chosen by Buly helps to preserve the integrity and truth of the eight fragrances created for the atmosphere by expressing all their strength and all their nuances.

Carved in a mosaic from the Venetian palaces, the Doges and the Ca' d'Oro, the precious and fragrant wax is found in a vase made of enamels, glass paste and fine materials.

Scent :

White calm of jasmine, neroli, matte and polished petals of magnolia, amber and sacred wood. From all eternity, without past, without presence, the impregnable and abstract beauty of the marble goddess lifts the soul with an immemorial joy.

Tips :

Simply cap the candle after extinguishing it to silence its scent. Always extinguish it once the top layer of wax is liquid : the perfume is then at its optimum diffusion. There is no point in letting it burn.

The Officine Universelle Buly reminds us that we must always make sure that a candle is perfectly extinguished before leaving the room where it is and that it is imperative to place candles out of reach of children.

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