About Cinabre: Cinabre is a men's accessories brand based in Paris. It has been creating handmade pieces in France since 2011. La Maison has its own bow ties and neckties atelier located in the Loire Castle Valley, following the same techniques for 3 generations. Among its clients you can find influential people in France and abroad, and the President of the French Republic, who appreciates the company entrepreneurial spirit and its French savoir faire.

Collaboration Cinabre for the Musée du Louvre: For the Pyramid scarf the brand wanted to incorporate various key facets of the Musée du Louvre : La Tradition Française, on the one hand, and 21st century pop symbols on the other. These paradoxes resonate well with the values of Cinabre, a blend of timeless and modern, traditional know-how and a taste for the quirky.

The Pyramid scarf: Cinabre and the Musée du Louvre sign together this modal and cashmere ultra soft scarf. Pei’s Pyramid hovers over the Tuileries Garden like UFOs. The designs are only revealed when the scarf is unfurled to its 2-meter length (79 inches), like a painting. Between the madness of a flying pyramid and the classicism of a French garden, the Cinabre scarf pays tribute to this assumed disparity. Made in France, of course, the scarf is meticulously crafted with the same attention Cinabre gives to all its products.

Product description:

- Fabric: 90% modal x 10% cashmere

- Size: 200 x 70 cm (79 x 28 inches)

- Manufacturing French