Since 2005, with 20 titles, the collection developed by Musée du Louvre and Futuropolis has become a reference in the worlds of Comic book, manga and museums. Nicola de Crécy inaugurated it with Période glaciaire, a fantastic and funny fable that set the tone and became an instant success, with more than 50,000 copies sold.

In a distant and indeterminate future, our civilization was buried under the ice. A scientific expedition is trying to find traces of this sunken civilization. It is made up of men and women and "pig dogs" whose historiological flair should enable them to better understand the elements of the past that they will discover. The Hulk, one of the "pig dogs", finds the foundations of the Louvre while digging. Once there, they discover the unthinkable: the incredible richness of pre-glacial civilization, the works of the Louvre. Faced with the incredible diversity of the works, they wonder about their meaning. Ignorant of all the history of mankind on display, they are often mistaken in their interpretation, with the exception of the Hulk, thanks to his famous sense of smell. Suddenly, the Louvre begins to sink. We must leave the premises. But what work to save?


80 pages in colour format 23.5 x 35.8cm. French Language.


Readers' Prize of the Parisien 2006
Virgin Comics Award 2006
Canal BD Bookstore Awards 2006