Monnaie de Paris x Musée du Louvre - GOLD - The coronation of Emperor Napoleon I


In 2021, we will celebrate the bicentenary of the passing away of Napoleon I. This year will therefore be truly "Napoleon Year" celebrated in France and internationally. 

We obviously couldn't miss this event and wanted to celebrate it not only from several angles of the heritage of this period of French history but also through our different types of products. 

The obverse depicts The coronation of Emperor Napoleon I and the coronation of Empress Josephine on 2 December 1804, a painting by the artist Jacques-Louis David exhibited in the Louvre. On the reverse side, you can see the representation of the Louvre Pyramid and the building. 

Inside the pyramid, a key work of the museum: the Victory of Samothrace. The name of the museum is written at the bottom of the room. The mention "RF" as well as the punch of Joaquin Jimenez are inside the pyramid. 

 Characteristics : Metal : Metal courant / Cupro Alu Nickel // Mintage : 500000 // Year date : 2021 // Face value : 0,25 // Weight : 15.800 g