L'île Louvre de Florent Chavouet


L'île Louvre by Florent Chavouet - Co-publication Futuropolis / Musée du Louvre Éditions

Through Florent Chavouet’s colored pencils, the musée du Louvre has become an island. With a pass issued by the museum authorities, he visits this island territory to meet its inhabitants (those who work within this institution) its visitors (tourists from all over the world) and its landscapes (the rooms and the exhibited artworks). With his travel diary, the author enjoys describing us this island-museum and its traditions. As he wanders, we can dive into the daily life of the musée du Louvre, and through his sense of details worthy of the greatest illuminators, we can see the most popular places as well as discover others that are much less known. Les Éditions du Louvre and Futuropolis stay true to their approach where artists are given carte blanche.

Product details : 96 pages - Hard cover - 200x270mm