Italian Renaissance Sculptures

This book offers a vast teaching on Italian sculpture of the second half of the Quattrocento and the early Cinquecento, providing a better understanding of this period often considered the apogee of the Renaissance. The fruit of the work of the best art historians, it gives us a complete and renewed study of the styles that flourished from Venice to Rome, passing through Siena, Bologna, Padua, Mantua, Milan and Pavia, carried by talented artists such as Antonio Pollaiolo, Bertoldo di Giovanni, Guido Mazzoni, Bartolomeo Bellano, Tullio Lombardo, Andrea Riccio, Bambaia and also Michelangelo.

Their different artistic languages share common characteristics such as the confrontation with Greco-Roman antiquity, around the representations of grace and fury, the expression of pathos and theatricality in the religious artworks, the symbolic richness of the secular artworks and, finally, the development of a new powerful and magnificent style that finds its culmination in Roman classicism and the sublime of Michelangelo.

Contribution of :

Cristina Acidini, Marco Albertario, Laura Aldovini, Valentino Anselmi, Mathilde Avisseau-Broustet, Françoise Barbe, Thomas Bohl, Raphaël Bories, Marc Bormand, Patrick Boucheron, Federica Carta , Raffaele Casciaro, Stefano Casciu, Jennifer Celani, Ilaria Ciseri, Dominique Cordellier, Guido Cornini, Alan Phipps Darr, James David Draper †, Victoria Fernandez, Jeffrey Fraiman, Jean-René Gaborit, Fabio Gaffo, Giancarlo Gentilini, Paul Joannidès, Guillaume Kazerouni, Whitney Kerr-Lewis, Volker Krahn, Ludovic Laugier, Alison Luchs, Philippe Malgouyres, Francesca Mariano, Mario Marubbi, Katia Mazzucco, Lozenza Melli, Peta Motture, Tommaso Mozzati, Béatrice Paolozzi Strozzi, Francesca Petrucci, Luca Pezzuto, Alessandro Rovetta, Neville Rowley, Claudio Salsi, Philippe Sénéchal, Roberta Serra, Vittorio Sgarbi, Joaneath Spicer, Martin Szewczyk, Miriam Szőcs, Francesca Tasso, Luca Tosi, Livia Turnbull, Jennifer Vatelot , Inès Villela-Petit, Giulia Zaccariotto, Pietro Zander, Vito Zani and Susanna Zanuso.

Technical description :512 pages, hardcover, 24 x 29 cm, 350 illustrations

Distribution: Daudin

Publication date: 2020

Event: Catalogue of the exhibition presented at Musée du Louvre from October 22, 2020 to January 18, 2021.

Period: 15th-16th centuries

French ISBN 978-88-3367-091-1

Co-publisher: Officina Libraria