Jirô Taniguchi, the most Francophile of Japanese manga, died in February 2017, leaving a huge body of work. In May 2013, he had spent a month surveying Musée du Louvre. He had returned to Japan with the idea of a delicate and colourful story. To pay tribute to him on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the Musée du Louvre/Futuropolis collection, here is the original edition in colour, as it was originally published in Japan, with 8 additional pages, published only in the black & white edition.

At the end of a collective trip to Europe, a Japanese cartoonist makes a solo stop in Paris, with the idea of visiting the capital's museums. But, confined to his hotel room by an insidious fever, he finds himself confronted above all with a form of absolute solitude, that of sufferers in a foreign land, deprived of any immediate recourse in the heart of the unknown. While the disease gives him some respite, he puts his plan into action, and loses himself in the crowded alleys of the Louvre. He soon discovers many unsuspected facets of this world museum, meetingartworks and artists from different eras, in the course of a journey oscillating between dream and reality, which will ultimately lead him to the crossroads between collective tragedy and personal history.

With this album in the form of an inner journey, Jirô Taniguchi invites us on a temporal and artistic journey to discover the spirit of the place, under the guidance of a few tutelary figures, familiar or unknown ... For the Louvre has its guardians.
After Le Journal de mon père and Quartier lointain, here is the new great story of Jirô Taniguchi! After a month spent at Musée du Louvre in May 2013, he signs a story in direct colours, all in delicacy, a temporal and artistic journey to discover the guardian figures, familiar and unknown... the guardians of the Louvre!

144 pages
Cardboard cover 235 x 330 mm
Publication date: 08/07/2020