1000 pieces puzzle "Le tricheur à l'as de carreau" - Vilac x Louvre


We are very pleased to collaborate with the Musée du Louvre on a wide range of games and toys that highlight the amazing collections of the most beautiful museum in the world ! Will you be patient enough to solve this 1,000-piece cardboard puzzle "The Card Sharp with the Ace of Diamonds", a painting by Georges de la Tour painted arout 1636 ? This work is aptly named, as it shows a cheating scene with the three characters who are about to make a naive young man lose the game. While the conniving player in the centre has her index finger pointed at the character of the left who is discreetly retrieving an ace of diamonds placed behind his back, the servant girl watches the victim who will probably lose his precious gold coins on the table at the end of the game of boutny, a game similar to today's poker.

1000 pieces

Starting age : 10 years old

Made in China