Les Amants de Shamhat - The true story of Gilgamesh, king of Uruk by Charles Berberian - Co-publication Futuropolis and Musée du Louvre Éditions

The Gilgamesh epic is one of the oldest literary artworks of humanity: the first known version dates from the 18th century BC in Babylonia, written in cuneiform characters on 12 clay tablets. The gods created Gilgamesh two-thirds divine, one-third human. His epic, told in 3000 verses, is worthy of Homer. Charles Berberian tells the story in a very personal and funny version! Gilgamesh is lonely. He asks Shamhat, his companion, to find him a friend capable of challenging him, in whom he could trust... Shamhat introduces him to Enkidu and Gilgamesh is immediately seduced by his proud appearance. They never leave each other's side. Shamhat feels neglected. She is attracted to Enkidu, whom she tries to convince to kill Gilgamesh to take his place, but Enkidu refuses, he is happy like that... One day, a king from a neighbouring country comes to visit Gilgamesh to propose an alliance. He is accompanied by musicians who sing his heroic epic of victories. Gilgamesh asks his musicians to sing for him but they don't have much to say. The alliance is not made. Gilgamesh then decides to do something truly heroic, especially as the people start to talk. He decides to hunt down the beast that is rampant on the Mediterranean coast and goes with Enkidu to kill the monster.

Product Details: 128 pages - Hardcover - 200x273mm